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In 1988 the university was declared a national arboretum which provides an attractive landscape setting, conducive to learning that boasts over 2,000 species.

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Located on the historic Eastern Shore, SU’s beautiful campus is some 30 miles from the Atlantic beaches and 2.5 hours from Baltimore and Washington, D. You will love the gorgeous 150 acres complex that is surrounded by great attractions.

Also, anyone training in the other 7 can of course get some corrections on those.

As usual anything else you might be practicing in your own time, you can ask questions about and get corrected. Arriving at the Park: The Head Master of the WTBA Eli Montaigue, followed by the Canadian Head Master Josephine Anderson, and lastly is the workshop Host and Maryland Head Master Brian Alexander. Josephine with Senior WTBA Instructor Ron Mc Cracken doing a detailed study of double push hands.

Newly appointed Taiji Black Belt Tyler Trainer contemplating the amazing details of Internal Martial Arts training... Ji Ho Park, GM Park's son (bottom left) successfully passed the grueling PMA 1st Dan Hapkido test on August 24, 2013.

The food was Fantastic and Healthy and received numerous compliments...thanks to Peaches 'n' Cream catering. (Master Min Su Seo) Congratulations to our New Hapkido Black Belts! A PMA Hapkido black belt is very difficult to attain and highly coveted. Thanks to ALL participants and the World Tai Chi Boxing Association Successor Eli Montaigue!

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