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About half of the original Pierpont gift remains today as the North Haven Green.

Ezra Stiles enumerated about forty families living in North Haven in the early part of the eighteenth century.

North Haven's population increased rapidly, quadrupling between 19.

The establishment of two factories, Pratt & Whitney and Marlin Firearms, spurred the subsequent population increase.

This population shift necessitated the building of a new police station, firehouse, library, and five schools in the 1950s and 1960s to accommodate the needs of the growing community.

The town continues to grow and expand until this day.

The Airline Railroad ran through Montowese and Clintonville to Middletown. After 1900, the line was extended north to Wallingford.

One third of the residents worked in various nonagricultural occupations such as mechanics, brickmakers, and shoemakers.Small real estate development began to grow up along the southern edge of town.Significant population growth occurred at the end of World War II.New roads were built to facilitate communication, namely the Hartford Turnpike in 1798 and the Middletown Turnpike in 1813.The first United States census counted 1,236 people in the agricultural community of North Haven in 1790.

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