Marital separation and dating south carolina

A couple may file for a no-fault divorce if they have been living separately, without cohabitation, for more than one year.

Otherwise, the couple will need to provide a fault-based reason for divorce, including adultery, desertion by one spouse for at least one year, physical cruelty, or habitual drunkenness.

A date of legal separation can be established via different means.

As indicated above, the easiest way to establish a date of separation is to unambiguously inform the other spouse of your intent and then take clear actions to establish a date of separation, such as retaining a Pennsylvania divorce attorney and separating the finances.

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South Carolina recognizes both no-fault and fault grounds for divorce.

The law presumes that the date of separation is the date on which the divorce complaint is filed unless a party can establish an alternate date.

An alternative way to establish a date of separation is through one party’s behavior, such as moving out of the marital residence or possibly even just moving into another bedroom and making it generally known that the two parties are now separated.

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