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She writes and produces most of her own music, and plays the piano and other instruments.After being signed to JVC Victor in 1982, Mari first became known for her voice-acting role as Lynn Minmay in the anime Macross.Sheila worked for Peter Mc Ghee and Margaret Drain in National Programming and Marilynn worked as a consultant and for the How-Tos. In “The Food Flirts,” premiering July 28, they are on a mission to bag their culinary bucket list. The women are Marilynn and Sheila Brass, known as the Brass Sisters. Then they retreat to their shared Cambridge abode to create a dish that features both…Lest you think these are two twittering grannies endearing themselves to patient chefs, think again.To know the Brass sisters is to want to cook up a show for them — they’re that fun Deep in the heart of Chinatown, two women of a certain age hover before a noodle-making machine, preparing ramen. They have lived as neighbors or roommates for four decades — no children, never married, though both have “come close,” Marilynn says — opting instead to cook and bake.“We have 130 years of combined experience,” they like to say. After careers at WGBH and in the antiques business, they wrote several cookbooks, including “Baking With the Brass Sisters,” “Heirloom Cooking With the Brass Sisters,” and “Heirloom Baking With the Brass Sisters,” in which they reworked handwritten and antique manuscript cookbook recipes for modern readers…This isn’t a slicked-up Food Network affair.We shot four episodes in two weeks without a lot of money. We say ‘Thank you,’ or, ‘I didn’t mean to be rude.’ We never go to bed angry,” Marilynn says.“And we didn’t gain an ounce during filming,” adds Sheila.I did Sheila’s makeup and mine because I’ve taken a tutorial with a good makeup person,” says Marilynn. What does it take to live together, film together, and cook together for all these years? Cookbook authors and culinarians Marilynn and Sheila Brass — the Brass Sisters, a.k.a.

She was one of Akron ’s Extraordinary Women (Akron Beacon Journal) and Woman of the Year for Women’s History/Akron.She is also the 2010 West Virginia Filmmaker of the Year which has also awarded Best Film to both She has received several national awards including the 1999 U. Small Business Administration’s Tibbetts Award and a Bronze Award from the National Mature Media Awards.She holds degrees in psychology, gerontology and womens’ studies, and is from Bulltown, West Virginia.Her debut original album, Rosé, was released in 1983, which was produced by composer Ryuichi Sakamoto.She also later collaborated with other world-renowned musicians, such as Van Dyke Parks. Iijima's original demo tape was picked up by JVC Victor in 1982 and she was signed to the record company as a singer-songwriter.

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