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My parents and fill — nally learned of been devastated by the Holocaust.

Perhaps because of my genetic were mar- It aunt refused to of the World Congress of derstood the complications of com MIRIOM Rome ten years to first member Organizations remarkable string of events brought the day after they had Daughters of Holocaust Survivors, a Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Jewish dressed as an Italian soldier.

Erica Springer Ctlrtllt Un Tammy Sarah Mc Lachlan, Queen Latifah, Sinead O'Connor, Sloner mk Miriwtln Wric Hn Sivan Schlecler Mm MQir. sister cided (having hidden ty my own identi- from them for over a decade) to I not allowed to join an organization JLDHS —Jewish Lesbian by a priest in nri KGER new began to underetand who my parents were, and I struggled to come to terms with who I was.

Alexander Munn, Joe O'Herlihy Joe Landry Vi M Dw ilip Bii t Mmtm Michael i A Volume 2 feature)* Phelps Brossia. Lies are the stuff of great love and also of great disorientation, and families manage to generate Jewish identity, you H fall in love with a Jewish man." Judaism, he believed, both with remarkable and lesbian friends had "One lie is told me. were raised Catholic in suburban America in that we were being protected from our own spoke of Our parents almost never their lives in Eastern Eu- rope before they immigrated to the My and I clung to bits of information they dropped from time to time: My father had States in 1950.

"I hope that the one thing people learn out of this whole thing is to stop teasing people." Meanwhile, Dmdge sipparent Jy found the ideal audi- .

to take matters into their who first Monica Lewinsky, said he did "nothing" to "1 just pulled it off AOL with my own eyes." Unbowed, Drudge returned to the gay angle of Online profile purj Jortedly posted by one of tlie killers that listed his marital status as on were bogus, verily the infomiation.

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Lava Tomes to finp-tiine seviial hpalth no Muppets 89 l^t Ogdi Mr hnagining a HB ain't departments lesbian president 91 4 li^t Ten? to do to star in a Chicago play, her Ciet paiticipa U' iii nic Aihocali- Poll and idea Exchange, join oiir free real-tinie dial room, and find links to gaj' and lesbian n'sources at and programs 97 an ex changes sex? Al Mdt Hinalluitllyearitt age tai'i lenal iri Mlativn. bj Ubention Pebltcitim POSTMASTER: Send Umted is exempt froa ti»e States: 174. Neither said plnt»graplis nor the edilofial matter or actual Quoratloe T)k publisher ir consented to Ihe ise of Itieir is Let Angeles, Z Walters. At tiie age of am finally starting to feel that I'm able to give expression to all aspects of myself however imper- — fectly. is t Jie autfior of After Long Silence (De Uworte).

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Two in the details; im- parents and aunt were not Catholic witnesses to World War 11 but rather Jewish survivors of the Holocaust.

When I first discovered the truth about my Jewish heritage, I found that Ortho- dox and Conservative Jews did not exactly embrace me as a lesbian.

My own path still out of the closet has not been entirely smooth.

Nearly all our relatives had been gassed or shot by the Nazis.

The revelation that my parents and aunt had been living in hiding, I ing out to parents self.

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