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Immigration Procedure: In many ports, the Police will act as Immigration.

Here you get your passports stamped and the officer will want one copy of your ship’s registration papers.

See this Noonsite report Any meat or dairy products may be destroyed.

If coming from continental Africa, yellow fever and cholera vaccination certificates will be required.

You will have to check out and do a run to Mayotte (or elsewhere). For those sailing to Madagascar from neighbouring countries and wanting to stay longer than 90 days, a visa in advance is required.

See a list of Madagascar Embassies at the Madagascar Consulate Website.However, you may well be asked to make an unofficial payment – see the fees section on dealing with payment requests. Do not bother to call via VHF as the officials usually do not have working radios.PRE-ARRIVAL It is now possible to obtain a visa online. Before commencing clearance you may need to find a photocopy shop (to get copies of ship’s papers and your previous port exit zarpe) and an ATM for cash.The Diademed Sifakas Lemur (also known as the dancing lemur) is a globally recognised species which is perilously close to extinction.These energetic creatures draw a lot of attention due to their comical way of getting around…anyone choosing to use their expedition as a vehicle through which to raise money for local or international charities is welcome to get in touch and we’ll get a Journal post up and shared here to help raise awareness of your cause. Done all the usual stuff and want something different?

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