Mahahalagang pangyayari sa pagdating ni magellan

Gemma, as a teacher needs to be abreast with these issues and be flexible by finding means how to bridge these hurdles.He religiously mingled with the students and discovered very important insights.How would be free from the chains of lies without hearing the truth?Stop killing journalists because they are the key to real liberated country.

She is very animated and enigmatic teacher that is why most of the students love and idolize her.But journalist, I could say that we are not interested in money for we journalist have a righteous principles and we have the dedication to do our job responsibly and responsively.But in our society now, journalists were killed under the hand of some politician guns. Because when they do these scandalous and controversial things, this person would do what anything happened even against the rights of his/her people, so that the people would forget, in the of the power.These become great barriers between the students and the teachers.The Social Media has a great influence in these changes.

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