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MIKAs will continue their work, finding and developing great talent in Sweden and focusing on the maintenance work of building strong client relations.

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A test model was constructed in October 1982 to verify the functionality of the hardware, after which work began on programming tools.Individual syllables in the tutor's song and the copied versions of these syllables in the pupil's adult songs, defined by neurons.Colored bars correspond to individual syllables copied from the tutor's song.In addition, you can now contact the Inspections Department directly via e-mail: Is there a new e-mail or phone number you want to have on file?For further information on exhibiting, or to book your ad space in the conference brochure, please call 1 (212) 722 1744 ext 4 or you can e-mail us For additional information on promotional opportunities, please click HERE or e-mail an inquiry.

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