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Online dating turns this process around, 180 degrees. I'm not saying *everyone* is like this, and I can certainly understand how tough it may be for those who live in super small towns, or who don't like to go to bars, clubs, etc. overall I just can not get behind this "drive thru" type of find-me-a-relationship. Most online dating sites aren't *actually* about "dating" online, they're about "meeting" online. I'm not trying to deter anyone from these websites, but you still don't the person enough, though you may think you do. A computer can't help you stay safe from abusers, etc. I would have put his username, so that you all know to avoid if you ever see him on a dating site, but I may get banned.You look at a picture of a perfect stranger and think, "wow, she's hot, I want her! Some guy who frequented a dating forum I went on, was arrested a few month ago, for keeping child porn on his computer. It has the word 'Fonteyne' or 'Lex' in some of his usernames, also 'Xenon' and 'Baboon'.This kind of distorted cognitions can only be rectified through the regular and meaningful interactions, which help individuals find out that they are worthy others' love and appreciation.The problems with online dating It is clear that online dating has at least two problems.The answer is that mostly they have the dysfunctional mind, with the emotional baggage of fear, anxiety or other mental conflicts and past hurts in interpersonal situations.

It is accurate to say that the research findings showed some behavior and attitudes of the online daters who joined the internet community with different motivations, expectations and backgrounds, but it is inaccurate to assume the behavior and attitudes reflect real interpersonal attractions.Online dating is a category-based, rather than an interaction-based process.In the category-based process, one uses some concepts to predict both possibilities of acceptance and rejection by the others. I make a distinction between online communications and online dating/matching.There are gender differences in both preference and messaging behavior on online dating sites.Women weigh income more than physical characteristics, and men sought physical attractiveness and offered status-related information more than women.3.

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