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The more you tell yourself you are feeling lonely, the more you will feel lonely. The more you tell yourself you are a loser, the more you will feel like a loser.

Alternatively, the more you tell yourself that you are feeling alright, the more you will feel alright. Because the way you talk to yourself affects the way you think about yourself and how you view yourself.

In other words, it may be the that you have poor social skills that is holding you back from confidently going out there and finding a woman.

When you don’t have a lot of faith in yourself, you can put an exponential amount of pressure on yourself, and then start to beat yourself up to the point of feeling like a failure when it comes to dating, getting a girlfriend, or whatever.

So loneliness is not an indicator that you are a loser, it is simply a signal that you need strong and healthy relationships in your life.

According to John Cacioppo, a neuroscientist and psychologist at the University of Chicago, feeling lonely can cause you to believe that your social skills are poor.

And stop beating yourself up that you haven’t found a girlfriend or things have not worked out with women.Moreover, you can start to become anxious and shy in social settings.In short, whether or not people are really rejecting you or not, your loneliness can cause you to believe that they are.This is where the dating sites for senior singles can make a difference.If you think that online dating is only for young people, you are mistaken. If you're reading this now, you've chosen the right link.

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