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Don’t expect it to happen the first time, keep working on it over a long series of sessions.” We started out with me using a Fuck Saw on Jewell (that had a Go Pro video camera mounted to it! It’s was fun for her but as we expected, no g-spot orgasm or ejaculation.

We then switched to using a Quirk Stainless Steel Dildo (identical to the Njoy Pure Wand) with me working hands-on portion and Ken jumping in with verbal coaching to help Jewell relax and “get out of her head.” Our aim wasn’t to achieve g-spot orgasm or ejaculation (they can happen separately, btw. ), we simply wanted to show how to use an Njoy Purewand, the toy so many people call “The Holy Grail of G-spot Orgasms.” Much to our surprise– we had near immediate success with the g-spot wand!

There is one exception to this rule, however (hence why I said 99.9% of the time we don’t do x-rated demos! It’s when we teach at one of our favorite venues, The Stockroom in Los Angeles.

Ken and I love Stockroom for many reasons, little of which has to do with the ability to live demo during BDSM and sex classes.

In 99.9% of our sex classes we don’t do x-rated live demos. First of all, many of the sexual techniques we teach take repeated practice to master.

I often say mastering the g-spot, for example, isn’t as simple as learning where to find a button.

We assumed our demo would back up what we teach about learning how to manipulate the g-spot– that “it can be a long process like riding a bike.

We love Stockroom because it’s a great shop/website, they make and sell amazing products, and the people there are top-notch.

As for the classes at Stockroom, they are 3 hours long while most others are 1-2 hours.

We make it simple for everyone to add live chat to website.

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