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Among other things, Lindsay Lohan’s dating life is also another thing about her that has got a lot of attention.One of the most controversial actresses of almost always, Lilo was born on July 2, 1986.Lohan’s relationship with Ronson didn’t just end shortly after it began, it was said to be a toxic one.actress has likewise been rumored to have dated a good number of men in the past.She would go on to date a number of men before meeting Ergo and getting engaged, and then in 2016, she moved on to date Dennis Papageorgiou until 2017.She was then said to be in a relationship with Korean Hulk, Je-Yong Ha.Apart from all the long and short-term relationships, the ‘Mean Girls’ star has also been in a number of lesbian relationships in the past. When the two were seeing each other between 20, Lohan who has never been mistaken to be a role model to anyone worked hard to keep it a secret because she feared it could ruin her career.Courtenay Semel revealed that although she enjoyed her relationship with the actress, even as it was not free of crisis like almost every other thing that Lilo has been involved with, it all later ended when celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson stole the actress from her.

It could be for making her way in or out of the rehab, or something else.

But then, there is no real indication that they have dated as, towards the end of 2011, the rapper said he was wondering what the actress would look like in the nude.

He even promised to check the Playboy issue that had her.

She throws a lot of things across the room, sheds pools of tears and grabs her hair incessantly.

Lindsay Lohan is one of those people who has always been in the media for one thing or the other.

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