Libra star sign compatibility chart for dating dating of burrows cave

After all, Scorpio is probably the most powerful of all the Zodiac signs, while Libra is one of the most yielding and conciliatory.

Libra may be willing to put up with an awful lot, but the one thing it will never tolerate, and especially not in its love relationships, is any kind of inequality or unfairness.

In turn straight-talking Scorpio, who thrives on confrontation, may find the Libran's unfailing 'niceness' rather superficial and disingenuous.

Scorpio enjoys – and often provokes – a good fight and can be extremely rude and outspoken.

Libra is always ready to compromise by finding a fair middle ground, but Scorpio rarely gives in until it has succeeded in getting its own way.

LIBRA-SCORPIO EMOTIONAL COMPATIBILITY The main difference here is that Scorpio’s feelings are much more complex than Libra’s.

As an Air sign, Libra’s responses are governed largely by logic and reasoning, while watery Scorpio reacts more from an instinctive gut level.

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