Leonard whiting and olivia hussey dating

Tall, flat-chested model Twiggy was fashionable at the time and Hussey saw herself as short and top-heavy.

But her breasts attracted her Romeo and an intimacy developed between Olivia and her co-star, Leonard Whiting.

The actress said she hated wearing the 'dreaded bodice' that pushed up her breasts and made her look voluptuous.

Director Franco Zeffirelli (pictured) would take her hands and say, 'Oh, my little Boobs O'Mina' 'Years later, I would be diagnosed with a severe form of agoraphobia: large crowds, open spaces, and uncontrollable social situations fill me with dread', writes Hussey.

'Whether the problem had been stress, exhaustion, or too much focaccia, I didn't know.

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Zeffirelli would take her hands and say, 'Oh, my little Boobs O'Mina', something Hussey hated.But the actress writes that she did not sleep with him.They got drunk together and necked but he was busy dating every Italian girl between 18 and 35 while she drank gin and tonics and intoxicatingly danced the night away in discos in Rome.She became petulant, a brat, opinionated and quick to judge others as well as taking no advice.Before filming actually began, Olivia says she felt severe cramping and sudden stabbing pains through her whole body, 'lightning bolts of pain' that had been brought on by stress or too much food.

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