Lauren london who is she dating

Over 10 mix-tapes in a decade and an original studio album later, Hussle was finally recognized by the masses, after initially being known for his work in select circles only.

Similarly, London's first film 'ATL' (2006) saw her play the role of New New, which was much appreciated by a section of the audience.

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We just linked for the first time in years and said we were gonna do a new song this summer cause it had been too long.

Hussle's death was especially tragic as he recently opened up about making a life together with his actress girlfriend Lauren London.

Hussle, who was nominated for a Grammy in 2019 for Best Rap Album, believed in modern-day relationships and was building one with his partner London.

The Los Angeles Police Department said it has no information about the suspected shooter.

Hussle's debut studio album, "Victory Lap," was nominated in 2019 for a Best Rap Album Grammy.

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