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Bass, at the start of the 21st century, appeared on television in several famous series most considerable TV shows are ‘The Simpsons,’ ‘Robot Chicken,’ ’Drop Dead Diva.’ In addition, he appeared as a host in ‘Finding Prince Charming’ and ‘Beat Bobby Flay.’ His unique voice is also used in the gaming industry.

His voice used to be the voice of a famous fictional character Sephiroth.

His autobiography ’Out of Sync’ was included in the best selling list in America.

“I designed all of my costumes on so this was a cool opportunity for me to step out and do everything that I’ve ever wanted to do that I couldn’t do on TV,” said Lacey.The 23-year-old bubbly blonde has charmed audiences for six seasons as the partner of stars like Chaz Bono, Lance Bass, and Steve-O.Don’t be sad though fans, Lacey told She Knows exclusively that her departure from the show is for the best.James Lance Bass was born on in Mississippi to a groomed American family.His father James Irvin Bass was the medical technologist and his mother Diane was teaching in a private school.

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