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“After our last show in Abu Dhabi, the plan was to take a year off and do nothing, but we got bored,” Nathan says.

“It was like, ‘You guys want to get together and rehearse some stuff in case we have a show?

“The funny thing is that Only by the Night was the first album we approached with the attitude of not trying to make a popular record,” Nathan says.

“We just made the record we wanted to make and it ended up being our best-selling album.

Lily Aldridge’s modeling career started at the age of 16. The following year she became the cover girl of August 2003 Spanish Vogue.

“It’ll be neat for people who know us only from our hits because they’ll get to hear where we’ve come from musically,” Nathan says.

“I think a couple of these songs will turn on newer fans to our older music because it’s hard to imagine the band that wrote ‘Sex on Fire’ is the same band that wrote ‘Trani’ [from Youth and Young Manhood]. I think Come Around Sundown has something for everyone on it, and I hope it leads people to discover us in a totally new way.” Kings of Leon began to record Come Around Sundown in February 2010, just four months after winding up nearly two years of touring the globe behind Only By The Night.

The first thing that strikes you about Kings of Leon’s fifth album, Come Around Sundown, is the sheer musical diversity of its songs, which touch on everything from gospel (spiritual, up-tempo rocker “Radioactive”), angular post-punk (“The Immortals,” “Pony Up”), bonafide country (“Back Down South”), and even ’50s-style doo-wop (“Mary”).

The album’s huge range proves that Kings of Leon haven’t lost the restless, experimental nature that has made them such an exciting band to watch.

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