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Brocklehurst & Peter Bruce & Michael Chaplin of the Springtail Study Group of the Postal Microscopical Society, Mark H. Le Mons, Matthias Lenke, William Leonard, Mark Leppin, Dean Lerman, Jabier Les, Andrew Lewington, Matt Lewis, Antonio Liberta, Liboupat, Denys Liger, Kris Light, Barbie Lindsay, James Lindsley, Sarah LLoyd, Jacinta Lluch, Don Loarie, Boris Loboda, W. Looney, Manuel López, Stéphane Losacco, Ilona Loser, Elliot Lowe, Jordan Lowery, Stephen Luk, Marko Lukic, Bruce Lund, Terry A. Maddison, Tanja Maier, Chris Mallory, Gurupada Mandal, José Marcelino, Stavros Markopoulos, Frank Marquard, Andy Marquis, Rebecca Marschall, Fani Martinez, Isidro Martinez, Eduardo Mateos, Olivier Mattelart, Mat Mattew, Eric Matthews, Maurice, Sean Mc Cann, Jim Mc Clarin, Jim Mc Culloch, Gary Mc Donald, Mike and Diane Mc Ivor, Arthur Scott Mcmillan, Natalie Mc Near, Sean Mc Vey, Holger Mebes of Sys Tax, melanoxylon, Ron Melder, Óscar Méndez, Joris Menten, Elke Menzel - van den Bruck, Penny Metal, Jonathan Michaelson, Rune Midtgaard, Maria Minor of Soil Bugs, Cvenkel Miran, Adrià Miralles, David Molina, Fernando Molina, José Angel Moneo Fdez, Graham Montgomery, Antonio Montoro, Eric Moody, Sea Moon, Cheryl Moorehead also known as Maximillian Milipede, Rod Morris, G. Nicolosi, Lawrence Nielsen, Kjell Nilsson, Assaf Nir, Eddie Nurcombe, Eddy Nurtjahya, Alby Oakshott, Barry O'Brien, Ryan P ODonnell, Pierre Oger, Michael Ohmer, Simon Oliver, E.

Ollivier, Dave onefivenine, Alan Outen, PADIL, José G.

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Schmidt, Rainer Schmitt, Ken Schneider, Grover Schrayer, Hans-Jürgen Schulz, Katja Schulz, Brad Scott, Virginia Scott, Jari Segreto, Bernardo Segura, Alex Selemba, Sol Sepsenwol, Joseph Sersen, Anita Shaul, Matthew J. Sikes, David Silsbee, Silversword31, Michael Skvarla, Julian Smart, Stevie Ursula Smith, Solomon, Felipe N. Stanjek, Thorsten Stegmann, Alex Steiner, Dave Steinmann, Steve & Alison, Mark Stevens, Wes Stone, Malcolm Storey of Allessandro Strano, Paul Sunnucks, Laco Tábi, Mathew Taft, Massa Takahashi, Nozomu Takeuchi, Mick Talbot, Albert Tamayo, F.

Tamra, Steve Taylor of the Illinois Natural History Survey, Chris Ten Eyck, Te Papa Museum New Zealand, Opo Terser, Jean-Marc Thibaud and the MNHN, Bryn Thomas, David J.

Old as well as new collembolan literature has been and is causing confusion due to inaccuracies and errors.

Many of these have been corrected or will be corrected by examining the original descriptions for taxa and correctly applying the rules of zoological nomenclature.

The checklist is a reflection of the current literature.Frans Janssens In its original version of 1995, the checklist was designed to be viewed on a system that is configured with a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.Since 2003, the layout is redesigned for a screen of 1024 x 768 pixels.Back to main page Hint: Quickly find a name in this list by using your web browser's "Find on Page" feature.This site uses cookies to improve performance by remembering that you are logged in when you go from page to page.

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