Jackson rathbone and ashley dating

The actress who took on the story’s lead character is still busy in the film industry.Her most recent release was “Lizzie,” a re-telling of the Lizzie Borden story alongside Chloe Sevigny.Stewart has several other films in the works including “Underwater,” “Against All Enemies” and “Charlie’s Angels.” As for her personal life, Stewart is dating model Stella Maxwell.Robert Pattinson- Edward Cullen Like his on-camera lover and off-camera ex, Stewart, Pattinson has also been busy taking on roles on the big screen since “The Twilight Saga.” Pattinson is currently promoting his upcoming drama “High Life,” which stars him as a man living in space with his daughter.

Birmingham also just recently completed the TV movie “Scalped.”Michael Welch- Mike Newton Welch stars in “The Final Wish,” a horror film made by the creator of the “Final Destination” films.

Reed also welcomed daughter Bodhi in August 2017 with her husband, actor Ian Somerhalder.

Ashley Greene- Alice Cullen Greene’s supporters can expect to see her in three upcoming films.

While the “Twilight” film franchise and book series contain many characters, we’ll only be focused on those featured in the first novel and the 2008 film.

Find out what Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and more cast members are busy doing in 2018 below.

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