Is the onion dating service real

If anyone had taken the time to check the Tor Directory (a TOR hidden service) back when these claims were originally made, they would have found that all of the affected sites were still listed as "online." In fact, if you check today, you'll find that none of the sites Anonymous supposedly eradicated are actually gone at all.

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The common argument here would be to mention Google or bit-torrent sites, but I think we can leave that discussion and just look what the value of adding the link would be.

.203 (talk) , 9 February 2012 (UTC) Citing personal experience would be original research.

There is not much in the way of reliable secondary sourcing about The Hidden Wiki, and blog pieces are not suitable sources either.

The Hidden Wiki's shady character can be inferred from its dark character, but extra-legal is not illegal, and to say "often" based on the article cited is less than accurate.

( Martin | The lead was rewritten with a view to avoiding giving the reader two misleading impressions: a) Tor is illegal, which it is not in most democratic countries (The Legal FAQ for Tor Relay Operators) and b) The Hidden Wiki is a child porn website or sells drugs etc, when it does not.

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