Is bow wowie and angela simmons still dating Sloug pussy

The two recently squashed things up officially, but it looks like some rifts could open up again thanks to Shad Moss.

There have been rumors that Angela Simmons is currently dating Romeo.

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After years of public flirting, people think Angela Simmons and Romeo Miller are finally an item.“Action means more to me than words nowadays,” she said during the premiere.She went on to say that her biggest concern is raising her son.According to , Miller and Simmons are not currently getting along.On the preview for the latest episode, Simmons says that she and Miller are fighting after the latter dropped out of the double date she organized. “Honestly, I’m going to ignore him for a second,” she told the cameras.” The synopsis for this week’s episode backs up Simmons’ attitude, as it reads: “Romeo finds himself in troubled waters with Angela when he drops out of their double date.” 1am gym flow: Preparing for this role has pushed me to another level both physically and mentally (already) ha.

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