Like every year, we did some sleuthing around the possible i Phone 11 release date beforehand, so we always had a pretty good idea when was coming.This date allows Apple to ship its i Phones into retail channels well before the holiday rush, and is now a well-trodden path to do such.That said, we've now seen the names 'i Phone 11', 'i Phone 11 Pro' and 'i Phone 11 Pro Max' listed by a case-maker, so we can't rule out the 'Pro' moniker. But Apple has already ditched numbered increments for Mac, Mac Books, TV and i Pads, so 'new i Phone' would be a logical next step - even if i Phone 11 would be the most pleasing thing for consumers looking for the obviously best new phone. there's not going to be a flexible i Phone this year.

Apple has confirmed its next launch event, and it's happening on Monday, September 10 at 10am PT.

Roman numerals could well remain, but how does the i Phone XI follow the i Phone XS?

Apple has been staunch on verbally calling the handsets the 'i Phone 10' and 'i Phone 10-S'.

With news that Apple isn't selling as many i Phones as it previously forecast, there's a chance the i Phone 11 will be priced more affordably - although we reckon a price freeze, rather than a reduction, is a more likely move by Apple.

That said, the new i Phone 11R could be a touch cheaper - depending on the new camera technology.

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