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They screen potential partners in the same methodical manner they employ to their impersonal projects.

INTPs by contrast may have a more open handed attitude towards finding a mate but generally speaking, they do not go out of their way to find one.

Keirsey proposed that rationals were most compatible with other rationals and idealist types.

In another study, rationals who paired with idealists reported the highest satisfaction ratings of any other rational pairing. In their relationships, both the INTP and INTJ place high importance on mental stimulation.

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They would prefer a romantic partner or friend with whom they can explore ideas and someone who shares a healthy intellectual curiosity.

An INTP INTJ friendship or romance is likely to provide an adequately brainy rapport that both personalities may find enjoyable.

They do care about meta-structure however, and they spend much of their time consciously and subconsciously categorizing, sorting, analyzing and juxtaposing information as part of their process of making sense of the various abstractions they draw from the outside world.

They want to enrich their mind palace and make themselves wealthy with knowledge and understanding from many angles.

This preoccupation with the inner world often comes at the expense to INTP’s abilities in managing their external affairs.

This is because they know most likely, no one will find it as funny as they do.

With INTJ, this may not be as much of a problem and for once, INTP has someone with whom they can share more of their geeky introverted comedy.

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