Inst 08010 error in validating the port range

In our sistem, the users have been created by using an external table in the database. But it is not possible that adding all users email address manually.

How can I entegrate mail addresses, which are already exist in my external table to those users?

Hi, The map details are stored in ESRI Arc GIS; we have to get these map details in OBIEE to display in reports; ESRI Arc GIS can expose webservices for OBIEE to get the map details. Illegal State Exception: INVALID_DISCOVER OBIEE OBIEE 10g OBIEE 10G RPD generation out of XUDML (XML) file through “biserverxmlexec” utility of OBIEE 11g Overriding timezone selection in reports in OBIEE 11g using Time without using "My Account" issue making graphs in OBIEE 11g Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise が表示されません ORACLE DEVOracle Community (OTN)Oracle Database Options Oracle Help Technologies Calendar SDKBusiness Moderator Arc... ILM Assistant NLS (Korean)Business Process Analy... Hi everyone, I need to send email to some groups of people in obiee 11g by using agents.(with row level security) Meaning that, the groups data are different ans special for each. When I log in OBIEE dashboard analytics, there is no configured email address in the delivery options (My Account/Delivery Options/Add Device Email Section) When I manually configure the email address, there is no problem.

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