Im 18 dating a 15

No my daughter is the 18 year old and he is the 15 year old and I am a teacher so I am required to report any form of child abuse but I don't know if this is a form of child abuse because I can't require her to get checked or prove that intercourse came from this kid.I don't want her to get this on her record but I feel it is wrong for them to see each other and dangerous because of her past history with phone sex.I guess I just want a legal reason why they can't allow her or him to see each other this way because I know it could lead to sexual activity and my daughter will be the one to pay the penalty by law.

Yes your daughter will pay the penalty if the parents of the son do not agree with the relationship. If they know then you should talk to them and find out if they agree!!

If at any time the daughters parents feel your son is sleeping with their daughter they can press statutory rape charges against your son.

Of course it has to be proven by medical tests that they have engaged in sex.

That can be proven easily by a medical vaginal exam.

If that is proven then whether consensual or not, your son is in big trouble because their daughter is not old enough to consent. If you believe they are having sex, I would tell your son to stay away from her until she gets older.

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