How to just be friends after dating

You could say something like: "Listen, I love you too much to be 'just friends' with you. But if you don't want me as a girlfriend, you need to let me go"."I can't hang onto our relationship and pretend I don't have feelings for you.And I certainly don't want to sit around as your buddy while you start going out and dating other girls".

And best of all, this is The M3 System, also known as "Making up Made Easy", is the latest and greatest in getting your ex back guidebooks.He also gets the continued companionship of having you around that he enjoyed while you were going out with him, and the ability to call, email, text-message or ask you anything he feels like.Hell, in some cases the ex boyfriend even gets to continue sleeping with the girl "friend" - especially when she's dying to get him back.In this scenario, your boyfriend is trying to hedge his bets. But it's what most guys will do when they're looking for a change, but are also not 100% certain they don't want you around anymore.He wants to go out and look for greener pastures, but at the same time he doesn't want you going anywhere. Because if he can't find anyone better than you, he just might want to continue dating you again. Staying friends with you is an easy, comfortable way of your now ex-boyfriend keeping tabs on you.

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