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Before Cora's acquisition last year, Body Gears was one of the premier Physical Therapy Practices in the Chicagoland area and I very much enjoyed working for them.After the acquisition everything went down hill with most of the senior therapist leaving to pursue jobs with Physical Therapy Practices that maintained a patient first approach and mentoring to further quality physical therapy.Cora tries to fool you into thinking they are different. Few senior therapist stuck around in our group after their acquisition 6 months ago as they quickly realized how the practice model was changing. If your goal is to develop your practice and expand your physical therapy knowledge and skill set in the highly competitive Chicagoland Market, I would look elsewhere.

Upper management was extremely nice but that’s because they are trying to sell you on a bunch of goods. Expect to have 3-5 patients per hour and if your a PT expect to have an initial evaluation scheduled at the exact same time as two follow ups. But that’s because you are paying for executives high salaries and they don’t bring a dollar in.

So if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen! I would DEFINITELY recommend this place to family and friends to either work or treat as a patient!

It's great meeting new patients, working with a fabulous staff and company! This is the first job that I truly can see myself being here for the long run.

We recognize the continuing struggle of women in the U. for equality and are dedicated to doing whatever we can to change that. Cora has partnered with non-profits across the country to provide period products to girls and women in need right here at home.

We’ve given over 100,000 products to women in need in the US.

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