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This article is not a step-by-step guide to homeschooling your child, but rather an overview of what homeschooling a child with ASD would entail to help you make an informed decision. Costs: Homeschooling can be done very cheaply but there are things you may need to pay out of pocket for.

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Laws, Your Rights and Responsibilities: When you begin your homeschooling adventure, know what your state’s law is before you do anything. I encourage you to join HSLDA and learn what your laws, rights and responsibilities are before you embark on this journey.

There are many reasons to homeschool children, but the need for individualized teaching, safety, health and behaviors are the most common for pulling ASD kids out of the traditional school system. If your state requires a portfolio of your child’s work, and most do, be prepared or you could end up in trouble with the state.

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