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And on August 20 was sentenced to 1 year in jail by the magistrate.

Anyway, here are some nude pictures of the popular model in Hong Kong. She is very popular among photographers in Hong Kong.

By 2008 many girls were being blackmailed by him and it continued for another year.

In June of last year, defendant Deng Wei Xiong pleaded not guilty that from July to October the year before he blackmail Miss Yan Ng out of 20 thousand yuan and her sexual services.

Many female celebrities overseas are doing this," she said.

Via extort two girls into dating him, sexual intercourse, giving him money and to pose for more nude photos and videos including two sex clips.

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"I really didn't expect the photos to be leaked as my cell phone is protected by password," she explained.

He start to ask her for money and he also asked her to introduce other girls to him for the exchange of compensated dating.

Enjo-kōsai means "compensated dating" and is a practice which originated in Japan where older men agree to give money and/or luxury gifts to young attractive women for their companionship, and possibly sexual favors on the date.

He said it was "a mistake of using money to buy sexual services, not to maintain a normal relationship between men and women." Deng said it was not blackmail, he only bought sex from the girls.

He also refer to being shocked at the prosecution and express it was completely unexpected.

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