Hacked adult dating site logins and passwords

Most people likely imagine attackers trying every single possible password to log into their online account. If you tried to log into someone’s online account and continued guessing passwords, you would be slowed down and prevented from trying more than a handful of passwords.If an attacker was capable of getting into an online account just by guessing passwords, it’s likely that the password was something obvious that could be guessed on the first few tries, such as “password” or the name of the person’s pet.For this reason, you should secure your email account as much as possible.It’s especially important to use a unique password for it and guard it carefully.

They’re often used to capture sensitive data like credit card numbers, online banking passwords, and other account credentials.They then send this data to an attacker over the Internet.Such malware can arrive via exploits — for example, if you’re using an outdated version of Java, as most computers on the Internet are, you can be compromised through a Java applet on a web page.Websites should also prevent people from gaining access to an account just because they know the answers to a few security questions, and some do — but some still don’t.If an attacker uses any of the above methods to gain access to your email accounts, you’re in bigger trouble.

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