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But he does see some similarities in Starbucks’ model and what Kaya Shack strives to provide, including consistency of experience, product and quality.“You go into a Starbucks in New Jersey or Portland and you know what to expect,” he said.In line with that thinking, Kaya Shack – which is controlled by the publicly traded firm Kaya Holdings – isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel.Frank said the company adheres to proven, established business practices and methods it has used successfully in the past. When the industry was still in its infancy, dispensaries would often sell out of a particular product and then just replace it with something else.Read Charlie's Hall of Fame Nomination Letter The song "You Stood" was written, produced and performed by Allan Johnson in honor of Charlie Hollar.Allan performed the song live at the Charlie Hollar Celebration held at the University of Central Oklahoma on Monday, October 10, 2011.Compared with buying cannabis wholesale, Kaya Shack now has much more control over the cannabis it sells – from the time it’s planted until it ends up in a customer’s hands.

“The idea is you walk into one and you have the same offering as you do in the other across town,” Frank said.The important factor to consider in any big decision like this is what type of value it brings to the customer.“We try to offer them something with a value far greater than what they’re paying,” Frank said.Frank added that the ability to operate within certain price points, obtain healthy margins and create a consistent experience for consumers are all connected to what you put on the shelf.When Kaya Shack opened its first dispensary in Portland, the local press dubbed it the “Starbucks of medical marijuana.” Frank is quick to point out that the media coined that term, not him.

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