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To rectify the misconceptions, the government should strengthen the promotion and hold more talks about the concert ideas of compensated dating.

In conclusion, to tackle the problem of compensated dating, there is no other option but to educate the younger and enhance the promotion.

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They think that they can judge the patrons merely by their appearance and brief conversations on the platforms.

And the girls also think that compensated dating is legal in Hong Kong.

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It’s sometimes called pay per date (PPD) or pay per meet (PPM).The young women and toyboys are generally over 18 years of age.Most are seeking arrangements with rich successful men and women.However some Japanese men have a fascination with high school girls.This can generate a demand for pay per date services, but this happens mainly in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and China.

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    The person you are communicating with is not necessarily the person they say they are,” police said.