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According to the current historical paradigm, the Andhras were originally feudatories of the Mauryas (who incorporated Andhra desa into the Mauryan Empire).

They are delineated in the king lists after the Sungas and Kanvas.

The king lists then record that the Andhras were then followed by the famous Gupta dynasty who were also called Andhra-bhrityas, or servants of the Andhras, since the Guptas had served as Generals for Andhra Kings.

However, this would also mean the entire current Indian historical record is off by at least several hundred years, as Pauranic history dates the Gupta Dynasty to 327 BCE, not the current 320 CE.

While the Puranas have recorded king lists naming rulers from this part of India, modern historians are still reconciling these with the historical record.

If we are not able to resolve a complaint, you may submit it through the EU online dispute resolution platform at From the Andhra dynasty (frequently referred to as Satavahanas) to Ikshvakus to the Kakatiyas, the region is well known and regarded in the pages of Itihaasa and Purana.While Andhras also feature as figures in the Puranas, their historical accomplishments are also many.Satavahana comes from the words Sata (Lion) and Vahana (Vehicle).Thus, the Satavahanas were those who rode the Lion as their Mount.

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