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Batch requests allow grouping of multiple operations (as described in under The body of a batch request is made up of an ordered series of retrieve operations and/or changesets.The batch request boundary is the name specified in the Content-Type Header for the batch. The batch response contains a Content-Type header specifying a content type of multipart/mixed and a batch boundary specification, which may be different from the batch boundary that was used in the corresponding request.

To define a content ID for a specific operation the following syntax needs to be used in the is an existing content ID that was defined for another operation from the same change set.All consecutive retrieve operations (until a changeset) are processed in parallel to improve performance.You can use the implementation guide (IMG) to activate or deactivate the parallelization. Each retrieve operation such as Read Entry or Read Feed within a request will be transferred separately from the SAP Gateway hub system to the provider application in the backend system for processing.One of the quickest ways to generate a custom report in Excel is to start with a flat list query. Also, once you've build a report, you can manipulate the data further by adding or filtering fields using the Pivot Table.Note This feature is available with an on-premises Team Foundation Server (TFS) configured with SQL Server Analysis Services.

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