Gene dating service

Our mission is to enrich peoples lives by helping them make genuine connections that hopefully lead to lasting love.We aim improve the accuracy of our romantic predictions with each new member. Garver-Apgar CE, Gangestad SW, Thornill R, Miller RD and Olp JJ (2006) Major histocompatibility complex alleles, sexual responsivity, and unfaithfulness in romantic couples Psychol Sci, 17(10): 830-835.At DNA Romance, we are deciphering the essential elements behind the "scent of love" and the ideal personality combinations for successful relationships full of love.We are pioneers in understanding of how DNA plays a role in human attraction and loving relationships.Just order a DNA kit, spit in the tube, mail it in and wait for the verdict.

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Depending on what you’re seeking, you will want to choose one over the other.

With over 7 billion people on Earth, preventing kinship might not be a real need anymore, but it is still a very strong instinct and has an impact on how our bodies function and react.

Whether or not this is important component for you will depend, of course, on whether or not you plan to have children.

It implies that you have a very good basis for building a strong relationship.

Overall Result When determining the level of biological compatibility, we look at several different components of the HLA system.

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