Gay dating red flags

Your lavish flower delivery can be countered by an equally thoughtful but far less expensive gesture.Quite simply, when it comes to money matters trust your gut.If our relationship had a tagline it would have read: Her way or the highway.Sure, compromise has its place in every relationship, but when concession is a one-way street you soon find yourself tendering a taxing toll.Unfortunately, some people just don’t know how to be alone for very long.As a result, they bounce from one relationship directly into another, often before the emotional storm from the prior connection has calmed. ” As a hopeless romantic with my own less than impressive relationship with money, I’d be the last one to suggest that someone’s bank account serve as a litmus test for love.Red flags: Moves from one financial crisis into another; never offers to pick up the tab; “forgets” her purse/wallet on more than one occasion; asks to borrow money very early in the relationship; hints that it’d make good financial sense for her to move in right away.Online dating is one of the most popular reasons society uses technology today.

And clear boundaries are essential to good relationships. If you decide to stay the course with this potential shape-shifter, go ahead and put a copy of “Co-Dependent No More” on your Amazon Wish List.

If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life (or even just the rest of the week) entangled in petty squabbles, this is not the woman for you.

Red flags: Few/no friends; has left/been let go from more than one job due to “personality conflicts;” subtly (or not-so-subtly) picks at your friends; frequent disagreements/arguments in the very early stages of the relationship. BOUNDARY BLASTER While I would never encourage anyone to be disingenuous when getting to know someone new, there’s a definite line between honesty and overload.

And during the course of getting to know one another past relationships are bound to come up in the conversation.

However, if your new girlfriend peppers every discussion with, “Oh, that reminds me of the time my ex …” or frequently insists on changing the radio station because “that song reminds me of my ex” or, even worse, tears up when discussing her ex, you may have caught her just a wee bit too early in the healing process.

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