Gay dating bi guy

I might be a better bet for a woman who doesn’t want kids, since I’m now in the stage of life where a lot of women get serious about their biological clocks.

I actually think I could bring a lot to a relationship with a woman. I have plenty of female friends (I haven’t dared to discuss my sexual exploration with most of them, and I wonder how they would take learning that their gay buddy was hot for them — which I am! I am beginning to think that I am moving into a more heterosexual phase of my life, given how strong my desires for women are.

And, as always, I encourage my bi and pan readers to chime in with their own experiences and thoughts in the comments.

I also know that I’m open to dating women that many straight men would rule out — older women, “bigger” women (who actually really turn me on, BTW).

But I really need some kind of hint as to what women might give me a chance.

It’s especially pernicious when the most visible conforms to your anxieties and fears. And since humans have an inherent bias towards negativity, where negative thoughts or emotions hit us harder than positive ones, it’s natural that those are what you’re going to focus on.

It creates a sort of confirmation bias; you give undue importance to the things that line up with what you believe and discount the things that don’t conform to those beliefs as being exceptions… So when you’re already anxious about trying to start dating in a world you’re unfamiliar with, it’s understandable that you’re going to give greater credence to the nightmare stories. That’s why you have to recognize that some of the fears you have, especially ones that come from second and third-hand stories, are out of proportion to reality.

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