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Thrilled, Jamie convinces Charles to stay in the hotel for a few days, then witnesses Charles making romantic advances to Helen.Jamie must choose between advancing his career or standing up for his family.After some flirting lessons from Jamie, it's "B Smooth" who impresses the ladies.Meanwhile, Helen tries to cure Junior of lotto fever.Attempting to ignore the condescending hotel accountant, Braxton P.Hartnabrig, and the dumb bellman Dennis, Jamie vies for the attention of the sexy and shrewd front desk clerk Francesca "Fancy" Monroe.Meanwhile, due to Junior's negligence and compulsive gambling, the hotel is in serious debt.

Embarrassed, Jamie asks Fancy to pose as his girlfriend while the ex is in town.The Jamie Foxx Show is an American television sitcom that aired on the WB Network from August 28, 1996 to January 14, 2001.The series stars Jamie Foxx, Garcelle Beauvais, Christopher B. The show aired a total of 100 episodes over the course of its five seasons.Meanwhile, Junior is stumped by a hotel plumbing problem.Aunt Helen convinces Jamie to take heartbroken Braxton out on the town with him, to a club owned by basketball player Gary Payton.

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