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Its etymology is uncertain, it may be related to the ethnonym Gael (Goidel); alternatively, it may be a variant of the name Gwenhael (name of a 6th-century Breton saint).

While the popularity of the masculine name Gaël has been consistently at about rank 100 in France during the 2000s, the feminine name was at rank 100 in 2000 but has declined in popularity since, dropping below rank 400 by 2010.

Eventually, Gaelle found herself performing and recording with several producers and musicians.

The result of this period of productivity was the song ? which she recorded with the Wamdue Project while she was still in her teens.

Singer/songwriter Gaelle Adisson started her life in music at an early age.

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~Eva Gaëlle Green (French actress) played the fictional character of 'Vesper Lynd' in the Bond movie "Quantum of Solace".

~Gaëlle Adisson (American musician) is an Urban, deep house, and downtempo singer/songwriter/producer born in New Jersey.

Ever since Gaelle Adisson broke through in the late 1990s with her popular dance hit "King Of My Castle" the lush-voiced singer has collaborated with artists as varied as Naked Music's Lisa Shaw, neo-soul hero Cee-Lo, R&B masters Jagged Edge and hip-hop star Esthero. Exposed as a child to the percussive, upbeat music of Haiti?

In conjunction with production partner Eric Stamile and Naked Music, Gaelle is now coming out with Transient, a richly textured debut album that displays a stunning spectrum of musical styles? as well as to the grooving, hip-hop sounds of urban radio and new wave music videos on TV?

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