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confused by the question." Ryland reads it off again, but says it quickly and quietly with a weird look on his face and goes "I don't know." Gabe does some disbelieving wave with his hands and goes "... It's true.(Ryland goes "yea.") I don't get what the big fuss is about, it's not a rumor." and shakes his head a little.

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Her father, Peter Asher, was a founding member of the popular music group Peter & Gordon. The least compatible signs with Aquarius are generally considered to be Taurus and Scorpio. Like many celebrities and famous people, Victoria keeps her personal and love life private.

It's based on the fact that they are utterly adorable together: When William comes out to sing his part in Snakes On a Plane, Gabe will often scream "Give it up for my boy William Beckett! " right before the chorus, saying William's his best friend, sharing microphones when they both already have them, being huge dorks together, ass-smacking, holding up signs that say "I love Gabe"(William) and "I love William"(Gabe), making finger-hearts, stealing each other's stuff, there are about a million pictures of them hugging(there are some super sweet and cute ones♥), they do arms around shoulders, cheek-kisses, and even as far as Gabe eating chocolate out of William's belly-button and them kissing. P with Cobra where they don't touch at some point, whether in a casual way, a suggestive way, or just to let Gabe know he's leaving.

You'll almost never see a video where William comes to perform S. William has known Gabe pretty much since he graduated from high school, and he even saw Gabe's old band Midtown, met Gabe, and TAI... I'm going to break down some unfair thoughts on them: often in fics, they are portrayed unpleasantly, of even if not, not anything like how they really are.

William is often portrayed as being a slut, when he actually has far stronger boundaries than a lot of people in bandom.

There are only a handful of people he's ever seen touching, but because he's SO comfortable with those few people, he has a reputation I don't think is deserved. i am in la, sitting in william's hotel room and crashing on his got some explaining to do:i came out here on monday to shoot a video on tuesday with william and travis for snakes on a plane (more on that in a miinute). if you really want to know the truth, i just want to snuggle next to william.what!?

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    In 2009, Palmer formed the film production company Avakea Productions, with Australian actresses Tahyna Tozzi and Nathalie Kelley.

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