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thank you to legend who sent this in and asked to be anonymous even though she deserves a medal for her accomplishments in metrical composition. *insert “this is why I have trust issues” meme* 😦🙄⏰#hellofromthemensrestroom #itsme #overheardbumble A post shared by Overheard Bumble (@overheardbumble) on *when you’re perfect for each other but he doesn’t know it yet.* 🤬🤫😍 #challengeaccepted #whyyougottafightwithmeatcheesecake #superchildish #overheardbumble A post shared by Overheard Bumble (@overheardbumble) on Accurate 😅 Thanks for the tip, Dave!

but you probably should have just told whoever that is personally.) 🧐🙊 #yelp #overheardbumble A post shared by Overheard Bumble (@overheardbumble) on 🎵#hello. I was wondering if after all these hours of being matched you’d like a message from me. 🎵 torn between appreciating the sentiment but also now being burdened with the thought that this is happening every time a man uses the restroom when on a date…

Deep down, you know when a next date is a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Say “yes” when you mean yes and “no” when you mean no.

Your positive intentions will serve as a lighthouse on your dating horizon.

Leave room for humanness—that’s where the good stuff is. Create some breathing room so he/she can enter your life. (You clinging like a barnacle won’t turn something that’s not meant to be into something that is.) 19. She created the soul-supportive Joy Surfers Club in her mission to help women live a life full of possibilities and love on their own terms.

The less energy you spend worrying about meeting the partner of your dreams, the more you’ll be able to enjoy them when they actually show up. If you go into a date with the intention to be open and enjoy the process, whatever’s meant to unfold will unfold. Try on a few of these practices and you’ll likely find yourself where I eventually did—on a date with an amazing person who it might just turn out will make this whole dating thing worthwhile. Melissa Maher is a Certified Professional Life Coach who takes a mindful approach to helping busy-brained women live in the moment, express their desires unapologetically, and love the bodies (and selves) they’re in today.

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But I feel like all of the advice for how to do that is stuff like “join a club” or “volunteer at a charity.” Except, if I volunteer at a charity just to meet someone and then I meet someone, I feel like that kind-hearted good soul is going to be pretty disappointed when I’m like, “Oh, I don’t ACTUALLY enjoy giving my time to help others; I was just trying to get laid. So here’s my best advice for the stuff you should do if you’re really looking to meet the person you’ll spend the rest of your life asking “What should we eat for dinner? Listen, I don’t want to be harsh, but if serendipity were the way you were going to meet your person, you wouldn’t still be single.Get clear on what your must-haves and deal-breakers are, but stay open to possibility. Is it possible you haven’t yet met the (likely insanely high) standards you hold for someone you want to date? And the more intentional I got about the process, the quality of dates rose almost as if by magic, until the wonderful man I’m in a fun and loving relationship with today sat down across from me over tapas on a blind date a few years ago. No more “The goal of this date is to find a husband/wife! In hopes of sparing you some of those tears and years of dragging yourself joylessly through the dating gauntlet, here are: 1. If you’re demanding that your date show up a certain way, you’ll miss the opportunity to enjoy what’s actually in front of you.

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