Friend stream widget not updating

The feed you’re trying to display has to be a publicly accessible page.If your page has any restrictions on it (age or location) then it means that users are forced to sign into Facebook in order to view your page.Nightbot provides a pile of chat commands and auto-moderation tools for your Discord.This includes a blacklist for inappropriate words/phrases and the ability to suppress spamming of excessive symbols, emotes, capital letters, links, copypasta, and more. Muxy allows customizable alerts for Twitch and your Discord server so you know how you’re doing. Gotta make sure things are moving in the right direction.

You basically get to see what you're doing with your gamepad on screen.You can then remove any Country Restrictions and Age restrictions (see screenshot).Once removed this will allow the Custom Facebook Feed plugin to access and display your posts.I started out with only the Xbox 360 skin and since then I've added several skins, the ability to create custom skins, scaling, input delay and many more features.Thankfully, this is all possible due to Marcin Wichary's and libraries, which I've modified for my own purposes.

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