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Now, with the arrival of the new five-door, you can even get the grandchildren in the back.Compact and sporty, but practical, too: it’s the Porsche you always promised yourself and, as with its larger sibling the Cayenne, no-one can say there’s isn’t room for the shopping. Like a superboomer, the Defender isn’t getting any younger.There are loads of them but for the purposes of the new research that has just been published (and the telecommunications company that commissioned it) they’re a bit last week.The superboomer is altogether richer, bolder, healthier, more enterprising and more prepared to embrace the new.“The proportion of niche to mainstream cars has grown with older, more affluent buyers driving the change,” said Nagley.Here are 10 cars that should be on superboomers’ shopping lists: Shopping, holidays, trips to see the kids: you can take the Mini anywhere.Butlins Bognor Regis is visible in the distance on this live view of the coastal seaside town of Bognor Regis on the South Coast of the UK.Don't forget to turn your sound on when viewing the webcam.

Dash cams have many functions other than simply recording what is going on in front of the car.

The webcam has its own microphone, wiper and a heating/demisting element for those damp rainy days as well as an internal fan for when the sun is shining.

All to make sure the Bognor Regis webcam runs the best it can all of the time throughout the year.

And though he or she is well into their 50s, they are, so the clipboarders claim, reshaping our culture, challenging our aspirations and re-engineering our society.

According to experts, their impact on cars and motoring is already being felt.

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