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If you are going to get into sports and other debatable topics, sure you’re letting the customer lead the conversation.

Talking too much about yourself can also make a customer feel like you’re not actually interested in them - you’re only interested in talking about your own life.

You, like anyone on your support team, are there to help the customer.

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- engage politely, remain friendly, and only pursue the conversation as much as the customer seems comfortable with.While it’s certainly good to create customer relationships, do so based on the merits of your work - not so much on where you grew up, old acquaintances you have in common, or even your favorite sports team.One’s favorite team is just as easily another’s enemy, right?If the situation requires discussing the “why” behind the request (whether to serve them better or for your own record keeping purposes”) be extremely gentle and kind when doing so. If the customer cracks wise first, they are opening the door.If you don’t acknowledge their humor, you may come off as the human equivalent of elevator music. Don’t ask for details that are irrelevant to the task at hand, or in any way make the customer reveal more to you than is absolutely necessary to complete what needs to be done.

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