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Cicco fought the charges and his case was brought to trial.

The jury could not agree on a verdict, ending the court case in a mistrial.

The district attorney reportedly said he would not retry Cicco.

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Part of the attack happened after he was placed in handcuffs as well.However, we consulted with a close-quarters hand-to-hand combat expert who concluded Wijnen-Riems tactics were not standard procedure.The officer can be seen placing Cicco in a painful wrist-lock which has the potential to break the man’s wrist.Wijnen-Riems can be seen in the dash cam footage approaching Cicco’s car. Cicco getting out of his vehicle with both hands palms out and raised and then he only retreats into his vehicle as officer releases the K-9,” Benyo explained.He opened up Cicco’s car door and then began to attempt to extricate the man from his small SUV.

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