Flirts online dating site

Understanding—and even helping people use—online dating sites requires us to remember that people are complicated and conflicted.

They are not just rational actors shopping for relationships.

Overall, the number of unique users of all applications increased 125%, year-over-year, while the number of unique users using mobile dating apps increased by 150% over the same period.

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Since then I've gotten a few requests for copies of the talk and have decided to post the unabridged version for those who might be interested.

Considering this data, it seems that there’s a huge market opportunity in mobile dating and incorporating local and location-based functionality.

And it’s a trend that startups such as Like ALittle has caught onto.

And please note, the confidentiality of all clinical communications have been strictly protected in the illustrations discussed.]------------------------Online dating sites are not really dating sites, they are meeting sites.

They provide an online destination for a technologically-mediated simulation of something people have always done: meet and flirt.

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