Flaws in evolutionary dating

NOVA described his first encounter with the fish, which had been preserved by taxidermy.

It had been nearly two months since the fish had come ashore, but that only made Smith’s initial sighting of it all the more miraculous.

However, it suits the way evolutionists apply it to their theory.

The fascinating letter exchanges between her and Dr. After studying samples of the fish’s scales, Smith became convinced of the discovery.But vast eras of time may also be an enemy to his theory.Why have horseshoe crabs changed hardly at all in 450 million years when fish, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals all supposedly emerged in succession in 550 million years from some “primitive” organism?Judy’s problems all started one day when she woke up “dead.” Her name had somehow appeared on the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File.Judy’s story was told by CBS News’ Pelley reported that being alive but mistaken for dead is “deadly serious business because when you’re added to the file, that means that banks, the IRS, Medicare, law enforcement and the like, scratch you out of existence.

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