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You can also given them gifts, food, and liquor to help you earn more Hunie each time, although as you have the chance to meet up with four girls each day it is best that you spend your Munies wisely.If who you are chatting with is not hungry, you can then ask them out on a date, which can range from going to the carnival and having a dinner to a hot springs trip and some figure skating.In order to better your chances your character must chat with the girls, asking and answering questions to their liking.Do it right, and you'll earn Hunie that can be used to level up such traits as Romance, Talent, and Sexuality.It's obvious that has no shame in having its more pornographic aspects help sell this game, but in an industry where these kind of tile-matching titles are a dime-a-dozen it's very refreshing to see someone take the concept and make it all the more interesting. Hunie Pot also needs to be given credit for taking something like a dating-sim title and -- instead of the usual visual novel route -- actually adding a challenging gameplay mechanic that keeps the story moving along without it feeling like it's dragging.(Another upcoming visual novel, Sukeban Games' , is taking a similar approach by using bartending skills to keep its narrative going.) The ladies that you come across, from the geeky barista and the college professor to the yoga instructor and some other secret characters, are all drawn beautifully.

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Its industry-quality voice-acting helps to truly flush out these characters, with a very fun story that will have you snickering with joy.

It's on these dates when you are then prompted to the puzzle aspect of .

Here you are tasked to match at least three of the same items, with the points given out determined by the kind of traits your date really likes.

Buying the physical version of the game will also give you some excellent goodies, from some exclusive art to the game's terrific soundtrack from World of Wandag.

is a surprisingly engaging and entertaining dating-sim puzzler.

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