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C.” (and a Mary Pickford look-a-like) would eventually win the Watkins Trophy in this event.She would also win a trophy for her appearance in the Boardwalk Parade noting her popularity with the crowds of parade-goers.A new image for women developed, symbolizing the changing times. Atlantic City businessmen stage a “Fall Frolic” in order to attract tourists to the seasonal resort beyond the traditional end of summer, Labor Day. Decisions were made to increase the number of scheduled public attractions and make it a two-day event the following year.At a newspaper circulation manager’s meeting in Philadelphia, nine East Coast newspapers decided to hold photographic “popularity contests” from among their readerships to increase their circulations.Although never before seen as a problem, concern arose over the fact that a leading contender for the “Miss” America title was a married woman.With no rule barring her participation, she finished as a runner up.The Newspaper Publishers Association issued a bulletin advising its members to disassociate themselves with the pageant as it has supplied Atlantic City with “the most flagrant use of free publicity.” Not one paper backed out.In fact, even more newspapers sent representatives, and the new Pageant Director, General Armand T.

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Informal judge’s interviews continued as a part of judging in those early years to assess personality and intelligence.Riding on a wave of popularity from the previous day, Margaret Gorman won this event, too.Lesser awards to finalists include swimwear and trophies by designer Annette Kellerman, a woman widely known for her scandalous 1907 arrest for indecent exposure.It was judged on 50 percent audience applause and 50 percent judges’ decision after a day of mingling with the contestants, and a final appearance on stage.Sixteen year-old Margaret Gorman, “Miss Washington, D.

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