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A cell cannot change to edit mode when the grid is in the Display mode or when the cells are in read-only mode. There is a Continuous Input mode provided in the grid, which puts the cell in edit mode as soon as the cell receives the focus.

This example sets the Edit Mode property to Edit On Enter.

Out of the box, the Combo Box Column doesn't support editing.The interesting thing is that the Event Args has a property on it "Control" that can be cast to a standard Win Forms Combo Box.To demonstrate, I've created a simple Windows App that has a button on it and a Data Grid View.To cancel the editing of the cell (to discard the edited values), the user can press the Esc key. Any action assigned to a single key is implemented as a shortcut key. To find out whether the editing was canceled, return the value of the Cell End Edit Event Args. You can change the keys or actions mapped to the shortcut keys.

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